We’ve rewritten the price of playgrounds

We believe that kids health, growth and skills development deserve much more for your dollar than what has been available in Australia to date which is why we’ve built an agile business model with incredibly low fixed costs. This has allowed Kidzspace to gain market share and deliver projects that often clients could not have afforded from other suppliers.

Innovation and Design

With over 30,000 installations worldwide since 1986 and more than 1,460 play equipment products, we’ve created designs that innovate and challenge kids in their play spaces and delivered hundreds of projects regionally (with over 30,000 projects installed globally).

We focus on the play value in our designs and offer client 3D modelling of their playground during the proposal stage.

Why we do what we do

For the enjoyment and development of kids;
Helping create beautiful childhood memories;
Improving the asset value and social cohesion of communities we serve;
Deep sense of satisfaction in helping kids to play.

We help kids to play through the design, supply, install and maintain Indoor and Outdoor Playgrounds and Fitness Equipment throughout Asia Pacific.

What We Offer

Indoor playgrounds, Outdoor playgrounds, Playgrounds for schools, councils, body corporates, child care centres, hotels, café’s, shopping centres, churches, caravan parks, bowling clubs and private yards. Natural playgrounds, themed playgrounds, challenge, engagement, excitement, safety by design.

We can deliver play structures only or full play space and landscape design and installation.

Playgrounds with Purpose™

It’s been almost 30 years since our playgrounds were first introduced to the kids of the world. Since then playgrounds have evolved through extensive research and development. Today our playgrounds are designed to provide kids with their own special space to play and grow with their friends.

Our inspirational designs are carefully researched to target specific developmental needs of kids of varying age and skills groups to enhance and encourage healthy activity.




Highly Experienced Team • We’ve Completed over 30,000 Playground Installs

Our Story

This is simply the best enterprise we have ever created. Children playing, learning and building fun childhood memories from the playgrounds we design is a very satisfying and rewarding experience.

Industry pricing has a lot to do with the Australian Standards which govern the sector. But we think that prices are still way too high. That’s why we developed shared services to make each process as efficient as it can be from advertising to accounting, design to warehousing and logistics. Driving cost down in these areas has resulted in lower prices and tangible improvements in the value of our offer.

Playgrounds to Suit

Our parent company imports around 300 containers into Australia every year, so we know we are providing you with the most cost effective delivery and installation of your playground equipment, using reliable and well established suppliers. Call us, we know how to design, build, deliver and install the right playground to suit your budget and purpose.

We don’t promise what we can’t deliver and we don’t go missing when help is needed.

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Innovative Designs

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Best Industry Warranty

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Australia’s Best Warranty

We provide high quality playgrounds and equipment for kids of all ages and back them with the best warranty in the industry. Our market leading warranty up to lifetime from date of purchase not date of installation.


Once your play area dimensions, target age range and budget are understood, we’ll generate the playground designs to suit that criteria and bring the project to life. We’ll explore the best economy safety flooring (softfall) options under AS/NZS4422:2016.

We want you to be successful. We want those children to have a safe and engaging play experience and we want the project to be a credit to you and your business.


Our agility and minimal response times average 28mins during business hours and our client satisfaction scores are consistently high – we strive to create excellent client experiences. Make the call now and prepare to be impressed: 1300 543 977