USNews By Laura McMullen, Staff Writer April 9, 2013, at 9:30 a.m. Parents, teachers, babysitters and caregivers—here’s how to have fun without a trip to the ER. Read more…  

The Age By Paul Biegler 19 May 2018 — 11:47am My kids really loved the St Kilda Adventure Playground. Then management started taking things away. We used to fly down the concrete ramp on a billy cart and bang into a wall of tyres at the end. The ramp’s still there, but the cart is gone. […]

ABC Radio Sydney By Amanda Hoh Updated 18 Jan 2019, 6:23am By 1:00pm on Thursday, the temperature in Holroyd in western Sydney was close to 40 degrees Celsius. It was only slightly cooler in the shade of a tree at a local playground, but already the metal slippery dip, which was in full sun, was […]

SHOEBURYNESS, England — Educators in Britain, after decades spent in a collective effort to minimize risk, are now, cautiously, getting into the business of providing it.

CHOICE By Chris Barnes Last updated: 24 July 2017 Playground surface material makes a big difference to safety when children take a fall. Thanks to improved safety standards (particularly the removal of unsafe playground equipment and a reduction in the height of structures) playgrounds today are safer and injury rates for the most catastrophic head injuries […]

Inspire By Emily Ditchburn November/December 2017 Can there be such a thing as keeping children ‘too safe’? Absolutely – and councils shouldn’t be scared to play their part by introducing a little risk into playgrounds. Numerous studies have shown that attempts to eliminate risk from playgrounds are ultimately damaging children. The key, experts say, is […]

Foreground By Shea Hatch July 2017 Young people need opportunities to socialise and find their place in the world. Yet the opposite is happening in our public areas, which seem to be increasingly hostile to their presence. Read more…

The New York Times Magazine By Gretchen Reynolds 16 July 2017 Better grades might be found on the playground. A new study of elementary-age children shows that those who were not part of an after-school exercise program tended to pack on a particular type of body fat that can have deleterious impacts on brain health […] By Gary Shipway 14 Feb 2019, 6:40pm Northern Territory Police are investigating the tragic circumstances surrounding the non-suspicious death of a Wanguri Primary School boy, believed to be eight years-old, in a nearby playground. Police say last night’s death is non-suspicious and say their inquiries to date indicate that the death occurred as a […]

Play Equipment Standards By Play Australia The scope of the Australian Standard AS4685 is to specify safety requirements for playground equipment; to ensure a proper level of safety in, on or around, playground equipment; and to protect children from hazards that they may be unable to foresee when using the equipment as intended or in […]

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