NEXUS Church, Brisbane


NEXUS Church, Brisbane

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Nexus is a contemporary Church located at Everton Park on the North side of Brisbane City. It is home to about 2,500 members.

The Problem: Nexus Church were in desperate need of a safe and compliant playground for our various groups and families who often use the church during the week and at weekends.

The Solution: Kidzspace provided a full solution that met our design and vision perfectly. They did this at a cost that was very competitive and the end product was fantastic.

Platform and Ladder:
Cold plate holding process, anti-rust treated and coated with a buffer layer to ensure weather resistance.

Post and Iron Accessories:
Made of high quality and high strength carbon steel pipes, and surface coated with high quality clean pure polyester powder for adhesion and impact strength.

Fastener type and Post cap:
Cast aluminium alloy parts, double sprayed for durability, anti-rust and colour fastness.

Rotational Parts:
Imported LLDPE high quality engineering plastic shaped by rotational holding, durable, environmentally friendly, safe and difficult to loosen.

Specialised Fasteners:
High strength stainless steel, anti rust in high alkaline and acidic environments, anti-theft protection.